Artificial Intelligence Future

Are you hear about self driving car, robotics works in an restaurants as a waiter, you are well aware with siri and alexa .These all are the example of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the future.

AI Meaning

 Artificial Intelligence Future # 1 Robot
# 1 AI Future


Artificial Intelligence is the work done by the machines especially by computer system.

Artificial Intelligence focus on three cognitive processes :-

  1. Learning  Processes :-This AI programming focus on turning data into and creating rule how to turn data into actionable one.
  2. Reasoning Processes :- This AI programming focus on choosing the right algorithm to reach a desire state.
  3. Self correction Processes :- This AI Programming is designed to continually fine tune algorithm and they provide the most desire output.

Advantage and Disadvantage Of AI

Advantage of AI is that, it makes the things easy and process large data quickly into action. It give accurate prediction as compared to human being. Biggest advantage of AI is that it is more expensive process and requires huge data.

Weak vs Strong AI

Weak AI is the one who only perform specific task, example are industrial robotics and siri. Whereas, Strong AI is the one who replicate the human cognitive. Strong AI system perform more task as compared to weak AI.

Explainability and Artificial Intelligence

Explainability in artificial intelligence is that doing the work with strict regulatory compliance. Example like in banking and financial institution that are operate under strict regulatory compliance.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

According to Arend Hintze, there are four types of artificial intelligence, some of which exist and some don’t exist.

  1. Reactive machines :- These AI do not have memory and are specific task.
  2. Limited memory :- This AI system have memory and use past experience to predict action in future.
  3. Theory of mind :-It is a psychology term. In this AI system understand the emotions., when it come in existence.
  4. Self-awareness :-In this category of AI system have a sense of self. Machine with self sense understand their current state and this type of AI system does not exist.

Application of AI

AI in Healthcare

Online appointment booking system provided by hospital. AI have combine with doctors to diagnosis the problem. Hospital are applying machine learning to make faster diagnostic than human being.

AI in banking

Use of AI system in banking , using chat box with easily connect with customer and take tactical decision related to credit, investment and loan.

AI in manufacturing

AI system widely used in manufacturing system. Industrial robots perform single task and work separated from human worker.

Example of AI Technology

Self driving car

 Artificial Intelligence Future # 2 Self Driving Car
Artificial Intelligence Future # 2 Self Driving Car

Concept of self driving car is the combination of computer vision, image recognition and deep learning to build automated skills at piloting a vehicle.


 Artificial Intelligence Future # 3 Robotic Waiter
Artificial Intelligence Future # 3 Robotic Waiter

Robotics are designed to perform task which are  difficult for human beings. Example robotics are used in car manufacturing in assembly line. Robotics used as a waiter in restaurant.

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