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Here’s what you can say to help someone with depression

depression or anxiety : Here's what you can say to help someone with depression

Is your loved one suffering from depression or anxiety? Seeing them suffer can be painful. It’s even worse when you don’t know what to say to someone with depression and anxiety. There are chances of you getting frustrated for not being able to help. But that’s normal. It happens.

Know that it’s important to just be there with them, even if you speak nothing. You don’t have to say words of wisdom. You just have to be there. Sometimes it’s better to let them initiate the conversation.

But what to do when hours have passed and all they said is nothing?

You may feel helpless and full of guilt. Save yourself from a situation like this. Here are a few things that you can say to your loved one suffering from depression and anxiety.

You don’t seem to be doing well. Is everything alright?

 Sometimes it’s hard for the person to know that he’s suffering from depression. It’s easy for the other person to figure out the changes in their behaviour.

When you do so, make sure to reach out to them. Be available. Talk.

Let them know about the changes in their behaviour. Figure out what’s wrong with them. However, don’t keep pestering them if they’re not willing to open up. Give them some time.

You will feel better with time, trust me.

Unlike any other diseases, anxiety and depression requires an ample amount of time to recover. It depends on the will power of an individual whether to let go or hold on to the feelings. However, it’s not right to force someone to get out of depression. Assure your friend or loved one that it’s okay to feel that way.

Allow them to absorb their feelings of sadness, disgust, anger or whatever it is. Don’t rush.

What is it that’s bothering you?

Everything, even the minute things, starts bothering a depressed person. Ask them specifically about what’s bothering them. Because then, you’ll know the root cause of their depression. This will help you come up with a better solution.

It’s Okay! I’m there for you!

People with depression tend to withdraw themselves. They may not be willing to talk or listen to you. However, it’s important to still be there for them. Leaving them alone out of anger will do no good.

Tell them that you’re there to listen to them. Pay attention to the details when they finally speak up. Be sympathetic and patient with your approach. Don’t be in a hurry to reply. It’s fine even if you’ve got nothing to say.

I’m worried because I care about you.

 All that a depressed person needs, is care. Ensuring your loved one that you care will make them feel better, if not best. They wouldn’t like someone to keep worrying about them. That’s when they’ll try to get better with each passing day. Small gestures like holding their hand or hugging them can go a long way in improving their mental health.

Have you visited a doctor?

Depression and anxiety are the two main reasons for committing suicide. While it may not seem like a serious issue on the surface, it kills the person deep inside.

Advise them to visit a doctor. Make them believe that it’s alright to seek medical help. There’s nothing to be ashamed of it.

People suffering from depression may not be in a good position both mentally and physically. So, it’s better to accompany them for medication.

Let me know if I can help you in some way.

Time doesn’t stop for anyone. A depressed person still has to work, do daily chores, and attend meetings. It could be hard for them to do all these when they don’t feel like it. To lessen their burden, take initiative and do some of their activities.

You don’t have to go to their office, you can take care of their household work. Be considerate and give them options about the things that you can do. Tell them you don’t mind doing any of it.

Depression and anxiety can take a toll on a person’s mental and physical health. A person might not know what he/she has to do. So, make sure to be specific about the tasks.

The bottom line

 No matter what you say or do, it will take time for your loved one to become normal. Don’t get disheartened if there’s no progress for weeks or months at a stretch. Just make sure to keep in touch with them as you don’t want to lose them to suicide.

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